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Planning for National Library Camp 2011

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The page for Perth Library Camp 2010 is here http://librarycampperth.com/index.php?title=Main_Page , but I did not have privileges to create a new page, so I have put this planning stuff here until someone can move it elsewhere:



  • National Library Camp will be on Monday 19 September.
  • The URL of the site will be htp://librarycampaustralia.com to be registered by Matthias
  • Venue = SLoWA
  • Time = 9am - 4pm
  • Max capacity = 207 people


  • STATE OF THE NATION - Have a session where people from each state give a “state of the nation” summary that they gather before the unconf - their point of view of hot or pressing issues in their State
  • PICNIC BASKETS - Lunch to be picnic baskets, each one sponsored by a different library supplies vendor in return for literature in the basket.  We get a caterer to make them, not us. We  suggest they might want to send someone along to take part in the unconf - but if they want to do a session it will be on the understanding that people will vote for it - or not.
  •  Groups take picnic rug and then can then eat in the foyer, Great Southern Room or next to the vege gardens near the art gallery.
  • We would need vego and gluten-free baskets
  • AUTOMATING REGO: Some kind of online registration where instead of editing a wiki, people put their names into a profile and a “wizard” shows the topics already suggested and asks them to nominate what they could present on or would like to hear. Drupal or Buddypress probably has modules that can do this and Nick knows someone whose arm may be twisted to get this working. Fields needed for rego:
      • Name
      • Organisation
      • Email
      • Interested in hearing about
      • Interested in presenting
      • Any special gear for your session
      • Jobs you can do on the day
      • Dietary preference
      • Free text - info organisers need to know - eg. mobility,
  • If State Library is used, then State Library staff are welcome to attend, but rather than taking up a registration spot, they should just turn up to sessions



SPONSORSHIP - Hoi, Jo Beazley

Sponsorship for specific purposes, not a fixed amount. Eg. ECU pays for morning tea

The involves:

  • calculating costs of each thing
  • contacting a sponsor to pay for it
  • receiving the sponsor money and looking after it
  • making sure sponsor is mentioned in all publicity
  • buying or arranging the thing
  • keeping receipts and accounting of spending after the event and reimbursing anyone who needs it

Things needing sponsorship

  • Venue
  • Morning tea - tea, coffee, milo, other teas, milk, soy milk, muffins, fruit bowls (not cut up fruit platters)
  • Afternoon tea
  • Single picnic baskets
  • Possibly VIVID for reliable wifi setup
  • Maybe stationery - butcher’s paper, name tags, whiteboard markers
  • Consider asking interstate libraries to sponsor the unconf by flying in interesting people who can tell us what they are doing

After the unconf:

  • Contact sponsors and accept money
  • Give money to food people
  • Save accounts
  • Work out who spent what and re-imburse if necessary
  • Arrange paperwork to claim $$ from sponsors if necessary
  • Write thank you letters to the sponsors

ONLINE PRESENCE - Kate F wrangling snail, Nick, Matthias

  • Registering URL
  • Researching best registration system
  • Installing and adminning drupal, wordpress or whatever else
  • Having something there by the time the first publicity goes out on email lists
  • Setting up & monitoring email address ? , Facebook presence, Twitter acct, whatever else




Creating content and distributing via email and online presence:

  • Call for help
  • First “save that date” info
  • “Registrations are open” info
  • “It’s almost here - and our sponsors are marvellous”  info
  • “It happened - thanks sponsors and here’s where we created a record of what we did” info



Nick, Steve, Molly

  • Setting up wifi
  • Letting people know how to connect to wireless
  • Trouble shooting
  • Setting up PCs for hands on sessions if people don’t bring them
  • Firing up venue rooms and equipment - data projectors, PC & web
  • Maybe a “tech wrangler/timekeeper” nominates for each session?



Linda Papa

  • Set up stationary and any other equipment needs for venues - whiteboards, markers, butchers sheets etc,  chairs & desk layouts
  • Setting up chill out zone, seating and place for tea/coffee trolley and drinks etc to live -
  • Set up room venue directional cues for unconference ( think this means signage - odd way to say it...)
  • Registration - Meet and greet at registration desk, make name labels
  • Directional help at entry ways to library/ at reception
  • Gophers
  • Getting hot water for urns for tea & coffee
  • Setting up tea and coffee cups etc
  • Bringing down fruit and muffins for tea/coffee
  • Liaising with caterers or collecting food
  • Physically setting up lunch
  • Clearing away after tea & coffee
  • General cleanup after sessions
  • Clearing away of rubbish and general cleaning up after lunch
  • Pack dishwasher



Sue Cook

  • MC to manage introductions and voting on sessions
  • 2 or more to count votes for session allocation and update whichever method we use
  • Adding sessions to online presence
  • Printing and displaying of timetable to venue areas
  • Timekeeping
  • Closing up of the day / ending session MC
  • If we want feedback forms - then distributing etc.



  • Kate Davis, Naomi Doessel
  • Adding session notes to the wiki
  • Still shots
  • Movies
  • Audio

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