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What is happening on the day 2008

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Here's where you suggest a session, offer to present


Enter your name next to what you would like to do.

To sign up for a practical job

Please go to Practical jobs 2008


To see the draft timetable and practical constraints

Please go to Timetable August 22 2008



  • All participants are encouraged to contribute to the discussion.
  • Sessions on the day are determined at the start of the day by who is there and what they want to do.



  • Please add what you'd like to hear about. You do not have to present it.
  • If you would like to lead a session or prepare a presentation, put your name down. If you would like to co-present, indicate that you'd like someone to join in.
  • Contact the person(s) who've put their names down if you'd like to work with them to present something.




  • While the program is being compiled, we will be libjamming.
  • Take 3 minutes (and no more) to tell the group some ways that your library or you personally are "getting hands dirty" - it may involve going where the users are, trying innovative service, keeping something that has worked well for years, collaborationg with different parts of the community, putting the library "out there" in the community, trying new tools, stepping outside of the traditional role. 'You can do a PowerPoint, painting, clay modelling, interpretive dance,show a mini movie, act it out, recite a poem about it , just say your bit - whatever.
    • Murdoch University Library - web presence project
    • Edith Cowan University - our learning 2.0 curve
    • What happened since my last unconference - Hoi (really love to hear about YOUR stories too!!)
    • DPI - effectively encouraging / promoting the use of Web 2.0 applications
    • Curtin University Library - the story of a library blog
    • SLWA Blog & wiki proliferation - any & all from SLWA
    • Health Dept. - A Wiki as a collabrative tool in the Health Library network
    • Water Corporation - promoting the library with a Library Toolbar




Session/issue ideas

Is there something about the Web 2.0 or Library 2.0 that you want to present or see presented, question or debate, put your session ideas here:


  • LIbrary 2.0 - pros and cons populating external sites or facilitating internal library 2.0 communities - Lucia & anyone else?
  • What's an API and why should my library catalogue have an open one and what could I do with it?
  • Libraries and the Semantic Web and role of libraries in knowledge creation - Lucia & anyone else?
  • Libraries on Second Life- Should we or Shouldn't we? ( I can facillitate this as a discussion - Kathryn )
  • Screencapture, Slidecasting and Sceencasting tools - Jing, SnagIT, Slideshare, Camtasia, Captivate, BB FlashBack - Emma and Aaron
  • Facebook and Libraries - Julia Gross and Lutie Sheridan
  • Beyond Twiiter - a quick rundown of some of the new social networking sites - Plurk, BirghtKite, FriendFeed, Identi.ca and more like Feedly
  • Internet censorship in Australia
  • What makes a good library website
  • Web 2.0 applications for special libraries - how are they different to academic and public libraries? - Ruth and Shane (willing to facilitate dicussion cos we need to know!)
  • How to encourage reluctant users to have a go - Kosana and Con (Curtin)
  • What's in a Ning- a social network for ideas sharing in the work group and for staff to participate in an online comunity at Murdoch University Library - Jean Mckay (very happy for a co-presenter)



Bring along a techie-gizmo to share with others. You will need to explain a bit about what it does and be prepared to hand it around. iPods, game consoles, remote controls, RFID readers, home made sticky tape dispensers, PDAs, fancy mobile devices, field recorders, fancy thumb drives, external harddisks, card readers, digital cameras. Many of us haven't tried out even common technologies, and would appreciate having a go in supportive company.


Add to this list of gadgets you would like to explore and/or add your name if you would like to share your gadgets with others.



  • iPod touch (jailbroken) - Nick
  • MacBook Pro - Nick, Rosemary
  • Ubuntu laptop - Nick
  • Windows Mobile 6 phone/PDA - Nick
  • eeePC - Kathryn; I can bring mine too - my eeepc seems to have died so I won't bring it unless I can get it fixed by then! - Con, me too Rosemary
  • Zoom H2 Field Recorder - Kathryn
  • XO laptop - Kathryn
  • SD card reader - Kathryn
  • Wireless modem - Kathryn
  • Navigator mobile phone - Kathryn
  • wii gaming console - Sue
  • Device to remotely broadcast your PC screen on your TV - Kathryn
  • Wireless headphones - Kathryn
  • Noise cancelling headphones - Kathryn
  • Laptop stand - Kathryn
  • Logitech VX Revolution Radio Mouse - Kathryn
  • Omnidirectional microphone - Kathryn
  • Purse sized speakers - Kathryn
  • Mini - tripd for digital camera - Kathryn
  • HP1950 PDA - Kathryn
  • Portable USB hub - Kathryn
  • iPhone- Sue; me too if I have it by then - Rebecca
  • GP2X open source portable gaming console - Jonathan
  • Digital camera - compare 2000 model with a 2007 model - Con
  • Tablet PC - Con




Would you like hands on introduction to web 2.0 sites or functions, are you excited about a web 2.0 site/s you have discovered, put your suggestions and/or nominate yourself to and a friend to run an introductory, hands on session here:


  • Second Life
  • Videocasting vodcasting lifestreaming - what sites let you make a video blog? How do you do it? Where do you put it? What format should the file be in? What if you want to make a live video program and have a chat room? (Kathryn)
  • Pick a social networking service and have a look at it ie Plurk, BirghtKite, FriendFeed, Identi.ca, Twitter and tools and tips to make it work better for you - Nick
  • RSS mashups- using Yahoo pipes, Google Reader etc to tailor RSS feeds- Sue
  • Flicker and Picture Australia - Lucia if there is interest


Leading a discussion at an unconference, just means that you set the background to the topic for about 5 minutes, then keep the conversation topical and flowing. You do not have to prepare a formal presentation or know everything about the topic.

Last year the feedback was that people wanted more sessions about Marketing, Leadership and Practical application of technologies in libraries. If you would like to see that this year, please put it above with your name next to it.

This year the registration page shows that people would like to discuss these, but no-one has put them on the topics for the day:


  • Differences between XHTML and HTML and XML and their usage
  • How APIs work
  • Creating pages for the mobile web
  • Effectively encouraging / promoting the use of Web 2.0 applications
  • Web 3.0 future scenarios & what it means for libraries
  • effective use of emerging technologies in libraries
  • Major changes/developments since last year
  • Stuff about the future of libraries eg. web 3.0, resource discovery, spaces, etc
  • Resource discovery: experiences in specialist libraries
  • corporate knowledge management for diverse clients
  • How to encourage reluctant users to have a go
  • Applications for community education programs
  • How to tag photographs and search/find the tags later
  • the role of librarians in publishing
  • Applications of new technology 23 things. Ways of applying them.
  • applications of new technologies in libraries; new technologies (just FYI); information literacy/training initiatives; leadership & management;
  • Creating pages for mobile web
  • Creating gadgets and widgets for web pages
  • Web 2.0&3.0; RSS mashups; use of social networking software in libraries/organisations
  • How to build evaluation into your Web2.0 project

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I'm racing to get everything finished today before I go on leave for three weeks so will volunteer for additional duties when I return.

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at 11:01 am on Jul 1, 2008

Same as Jenny, back from leave late July.

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