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Practical jobs 2008

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Please put your name down next to a task or heading. The names in Orange are the unorganisers  who are co-ordinating the area.


Don't see a job that you think needs doing? Please add it in.




8.30am to 9.30am - Pre Preparation


FOOD - Hoi & Lucia

  • Cutting up fruit for platter in kitchen 4th floor - Hoi, Kate R & Kylie T, Gemma & Amanda
  • Picking up trolley for tea/coffee and setting up on ground floor - Lucia, Kate F &  Hayley C
  • Preparing other sweets and drinks for bringing out in coffee breaks and lunch breaks - Lucia, Kate F & Hayley C
VENUE & TECHIE Set up- Nick & Sue
  • Firing up venue rooms and equipment - Theatre projector, PC & web - Nick, Kate F, Lucia, Hayley
    Setting up Kathryn's laptop with internet access in Theatre (we can't use wireless can we?)
  • Great Southern Room presentations and Training room PC's & projectors - Nick, Kate F, Lucia, Hayley
  • Sort ing out laptop and projectors for session rooms other than great southern (maybe one for Seminar 2.9) - Nick
  • Letting people know how to connect to wireless - Nick
  • Set up stationary and any other equipment needs for venues - whiteboards, markers, butchers sheets etc,  chairs & desk layouts - Sue, Constance, Jenny, 
  • Setting up chill out zone, seating and place for tea/coffee trolley and drinks etc to live - Sue C, Kate R & Kylie T , Constance
  • Set up room venue directional cues for unconference - Lucia, Amanda H, Gemma L


9.00 to 10.15 - Registration

  • Meet and greet at registration desk, name lables - Julia, Kathryn & Constance & Hoi
  • Directional help at entry ways to library/ at reception - Amanda H, Hayley C, Kate F & Gemma L


9.30 to 10.30 - Introduction session

  • MC to manage introductions and voting on sessions - Sue + support cmtt
  • 2 or more to count votes for session allocation and relay to Sue who is doing MCing - Kate R, Kylie T, Jenny K
  • Writing up of sessions decided to On the Day list depending on interest levels - Kate F
  • volunteer to timekeep for LibJam session - Amanda H.


10.15-11.00 - Tea/Coffee session

  • Getting hot water for urns for tea & coffee on ground floor  - Lucia, Sue H, Patricia LSC

  • Bringing down fruit and muffins for tea/coffee - Hoi,  Sarah C, Rachel M
  • Clearing away after tea & coffee - Lucia, Sue H, Sarah C & Rachael D 


11.00 to 3.30pm  - Managing session and lunch movements

  • Helping to direct people interested in sessions to the correct rooms - Gemma, Kate F, Amanda & Hayley & Nick
  • Printing and displaying of timetable to venue areas - Kate F
  • Room ushers for beginning and end of session times,time keeping of sessions and moving on - Gemma, Kate F, Amanda & Hayley, Sue H & Lucia
  • IT equipment trouble shooting - Nick



RECORDING - Kathryn, Karen - others on gopher lists with PC's or from notes to PC

  • Adding session notes to the wiki
  • Still shots
  • Movies
  • Audio



12noon to 1.30pm - Lunch time

  • Picking up pizza's in Northbridge for 12.20 delivery - Lucia, Maaeve, Ralph K, Alethea R, Jeannine 
  • Getting out drinks, cups, fruit platters, fruit platter, special dietry meals - Hoi, Kate R, Kylie T, Patricia LSC

  • Clearing away of rubbish and general cleaning up after lunch - Hayley, Amanda, Stephen, Sarah C & Rachel M


1.10 to 3.00 - Inspect a gadject & gaming setting up & down

  • Setting up Wii's - Matthias
  • Providing enough powerpoints for inspect-a-gadget sessions - Nick
  • Setting up gadgets in rooms and directing people to them - Nick, Kathryn, Con, Rosemary, Rebecca, Jonathon
  • Unpacking and safe storage of gadgets - as per above


2.00 to 4.00 - Afternoon coffee

  • Bring out clean cups & tea/coffee supplies - Lucia, Sue H, Kate F & Hayley
  • Fill urns with hot water and/or directions to urn - Amanda H, Gemma, Ralph & Stephen


4.00 to 5.00 - Closing sessions and clean up

  • MC of debate and closing notes - Kathryn
  • Handing out and collection of evaluations - Julia, Amanda M. & Agnes
  • Ambassadors for clean ing of all rooms in the venues & coordinating team help -, Lucia , Hayley C, Amanda H, Stephen, Sarah C & Rachel D and all





FOOD -Lucia, Hoi & Julia

  • Order pizza lunch for the day - Lucia
  • Purchase of tea & coffee & supplies - Julia
  • Purchase fruit platter supplies - Lucia



  • Letting people know how to connect to wireless
  • Trouble shooting
  • Providing enough powerpoints for inspect-a-gadget session
  • Sort out laptop for presentations in rooms other than Great Southern that need internet access



PUBLICITY - Kathryn, 



CLEANUP  Hayley, Amanda, Stephanie, Sarah C, Rachael D, Patricia LSC



  • Contact sponsors and accept money
  • Give money to food people
  • Save accounts
  • Work out who spent what and re-imburse if necessary
  • Arrange paperwork to claim $$ from sponsors if necessary
  • Write thank you letters to the sponsors


STATIONERY - Constance



FEEDBACK - Julia; Amanda M., Agnes

  • Write form
  • Print form
  • Distribute form
  • Collect form
  • Compile form
  • Find enticing prize to encourage ppl to fill in feedback form on the day


GOPHERS - Kathryn; Maeve; Rachael; Sue H; HelenF,  Ralph, Alethea,



If you haven't seen anything above that you'd like to put your name to, put it below and we'll find something for you to do



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